You have been put into a project which needs a lot of documentation to be done including the Dynamics CRM Metadata detailing at the property level. What would be the quickest way to get the metadata details? Of course it’s the XRMToolbox!

metadata document generator


Documentation in Dynamics CRM could be time consuming due to the detailing of form fields required to be stored for future references. Let’s have a look at the “MetaData Document Generator” plugin provided by the XRM toolbox.

To start off:

  • Connect to the XRM toolbox (Already given details of configuring the XRMtoolbox and the connection details in my earlier blog).
  • Connect to an organization.
  • Select the “Metadata Document Generator”.

metadata document generator 2

  • Click on “Retrieve Entities and Languages”.

xrmtoolbox retrieve entities and languages

  • Set the properties of the document that needs to be generated.

xrmtoolbox set properties


  • Set the File Path (Location on your machine where you would like the generated document to be saved) and click “Generate Document”.

xrmtoolbox generate document


  • You would be prompted with “Do you want to open generated document”.
  • Select “Yes”.

The document would open and you would have all the entity details.

xrmtoolbox entity details

Here’s an example of Entities List Tab with a Summary of the Entities, and a separate tab holding metadata for each entity.

xrmtoolbox entities list tab


Voila!!!  Almost Done! Format the document as required with the spacing, font, detailing and place it in the final document or use the same as an attachment. So much time saved 🙂