You’ve set up your data set and data template with multiple Create Activity Settings fields filled out with a number of tokens.

xperido create activity



xperido task settings

Now you’re getting an error with the Create Activity for selected CRM-record(s). You try to test which token is giving you the error by removing the one you suspect is giving errors, but you still can’t find the right one.

Now you have to try all the other tokens, and it takes a long time because the screen for editing the template can occasionally be slow, and for each token you have to:

  1. Edit the template
  2. Remove the token
  3. Save the template
  4. Test the document by generating it

Instead of doing it this way, I find the best method to troubleshoot your Create Activity errors is to use the XperiDo generate document screen and create the activity through here to test the tokens.

You can do this by clicking on the XperiDo Document command in the command bar.

xperido document command


Selecting the template you want to use, click Next Step and navigate to Set Output Parameters.

select xperido template


At Set Document Properties, remove the suspected token and generate the document.

xperido store and deliver your document


Now if any error occurs, you only have to click the back arrow and it’ll take you back to test the other tokens!

xperido error


By doing it this way, you’ll save a lot of time navigating back and forth from the template settings and generating the document.

The only downside is that it actually generates and creates the activity in CRM! So I’d suggest you use test records so that you can easily delete it if you encounter any issue.