In my previous post, we saw a quick insight into how the XperiDo document dataset and templates can be configured. In this blog post, we will have a look at how to move the changes to the test environment.

Moving items between environments is called promotion. Following items can be promoted from development environment to a test environment. Items to promote could include document templates, data set, sample data, scripts

Steps to promote include:

  • Select items (dataset, templates etc.) to promote to another environment
  • Promote these to a file
  • Import this file to another environment

Rule to be followed while promoting:

  • Keep associated files of the dataset, templates, services together.
  • Do not include the Base folder or the resources.xml file in the file to promote.

XDcrm customer base


To create a promotion file, follow below steps:

  • Open the XBintegrator Administrator Console.
  • Connect to the server you wish to promote from.
  • Find the Deployed items in the role that contains the project you want to promote from.

deployed items


  • In the above example, the role is called XperiDo.
  • In the Deployed items folder, find the project that contains the files you want to promote.
  • Right-click the project and choose Promote to file.

promote to file


  • A window pops up where you can select which items to promote.

windows to select which items to promote


  • Choose which files you want to promote. Keep the rules in mind.
  • The above example shows a promotion of all templates, data sets, samples and services.
  • Once you have selected which files to promote, click “Next”.

xb integrator


  • In the next step, click the folder button to choose a location and a name for your promotion file.
  • Click Finish to finalize the promotion. The promotion file will now be saved.


To Import the promoted file, follow below steps:

  • In the XBintegrator Administrator Console, click the Promote from file button.

promote from file


  • In the window that pops up, type the name of the project you want to promote the files to. Click Next to go to the next step.

next step to promote the files


  • In the next step, click the folder button and select the previously created promotion file.

XD crm customer test


  • Click Next. In the next step, select the roles/servers you wish to promote to.

select roles you want to promote


  • Click Next to start the promotion.
  • Click Finish to end.


You have now successfully promoted files from one environment to another.


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