XperiDo is a server-side document creation and output management engine, available as an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015, both on premise and online.

This blog aims to give a quick insight into how to update a dataset, configure the template and promote the changes done to different environments.

Before we begin, it’s assumed that the following have already been done:

  • XperiDo Installation
  • XperiDo Template Design Add-In for Microsoft Word

Setting up the dataset

Go to the CRM Organizations, XperiDo -> XperiDo Management Console.

setting up dynamics crm dataset


Click on “Data Sets” from the left navigation.

data set management


For creating new dataset, Click on “New dataset”.

data set management 2


For editing existing dataset, select dataset and click “Edit”

editing existing data set


Click on “BUILD DATA SET”.

build data set


Tick the missing fields in the dataset and click on “Save Data Set”

save data set

Configuring Templates

Click on “Templates”.

configuring templates


For editing existing template, Select the template and click on “Design”.

editing existing templates


You would need to check out the document to commit the changes done to the template document.

xd connection


Make the necessary field mapping changes to the document and then check in.

The document generation can be tested by either clicking on the out of box XperiDo Document buttons provided for the entity or then set up a workflow to be executed when the button on the ribbon is clicked depending on various conditions as required. Multiple documents can be attached to an Email using the XperiDo Send Email by setting up the workflow.

Promoting Files

We’ll look into this in my next blog.

Quick look at the product key features

  • Create documents in a few mouse clicks in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Save your documents as any common file format (docx, doc, odt, rtf, pdf, xps, html, epub …).
  • Store the generated documents in Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Print to a network printer, or send them to your CRM contacts as e-mail attachments, or even e-mail bodies.
  • Create activities in CRM and attach the generated documents as a note.
  • Start the document creation process from the ribbon/command bar or from CRM workflows.


Few quick links:

Support portal: http://support.xperido.com/

Helpdesk: http://support.invenso.com

Installation guide: http://support.xperido.com/x/hxlB

Helpdesk: http://support.invenso.com

Implementation guide: http://support.xperido.com/x/MIBI

Installation guide: http://support.xperido.com/x/hxlB

Promoting items: http://support.xperido.com/x/thZB