You read right, folks.  Having to do manual in-line code XML changes to charts will soon be a thing of the past —thanks to a recent tool released by the well-known Ulrik (CRM Chart Guy) and Mohamed Rasheed. The tool was released a couple of months ago and already has had a patch to fix a few teething bugs, but other than that, the tool already saves a lot of time and has the potential to make advanced custom chart modifications streamlined. This will do for Dynamics CRM Charts what the Sitemap editor tool did for the sitemap!

For those of you who are not familiar with the XML chart modifications, here’s a rundown:

  • Although Dynamics CRM allows you to modify charts using the Chart editor, what you have access to change through the Dynamics UI is quite basic and limited.
  • The Dynamics chart engine is capable of doing much more (think excel charts) than you are given access to from the chart editor UI, in which exporting the chart as XML, modifying it, and then reimporting it was required to achieve.
  • Modifications such as; replacing excessive 000’s with the letter “B” for billion, “M” for Million and “K” for thousands (i.e. $1,564,050 to be displayed as $1.5M”), adding additional annotations, removing unnecessary or renaming titles and legends, advanced sorting, setting colours of the bars and much more are all achievable.
  • CRMChartGuy has been writing blogs on advanced chart customisations for years. You can be his website here: CRM Chart Guy.

Steps on how to install:

  1. If you haven’t already, head over to XRMToolBox, download the latest version and install.
  2. Once you’ve installed it, run it and open the Plugins Store. (Don’t worry, they’re all free!)
  3. Once the list has loaded, select the AdvancedChartEditor list item and click the Install button.
  4. Voila! You now have the AdvancedChartEditor installed and ready for use.

  1. Head over to Advanced Chart Editor for the XrmToolBox to watch an introduction by CRMChartGuy himself and get stuck into it!

Big shout out to Ulrik and Mohamed for making this happen. When the Dynamics third party tool history books are written, there will be the creation of the XRMToolKit, the creation of the sitemap editor and the creation of the AdvancedChartEditor tool!

Examples of advanced customised charts:

XML customisation for charts

Until next time!

Jeremy Desanker (@JDtheConsultant)