North52 is a world class add-on product for Dynamics CRM. It “allows you to create Advanced formulas, schedules & SmartFlows within Dynamics CRM.” It also “aims to make developers, consultants & administrators up to 10 times more productive when using Dynamics CRM.” (see North52 support page)

Pre-requisites and Other Notes

  • Subscribe to Microsoft Translator Client.

Microsoft Translator is a WEB API that enables Automatic Translation (Machine Translation) of text between any of the 50 supported languages. This state-of-the-art statistical machine translation API powers billions of translations every day. It also provides additional functionality such as language detection and pre- and post-editing customization with, respectively, the Translator Hub and Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF).

microsoft translator

Source: “How to apply Microsoft Translator Client ID and Client secret?”

  • Apply for Microsoft Translator Client ID and Client secret
  1. Create a Windows Azure Marketplace account here.
  1. Subscribe to Microsoft Translator.
microsoft translator subscribe

Source: “How to apply Microsoft Translator Client ID and Client secret?”

  1. Register Application. Get Client ID and Client secret.

Source: “How to apply Microsoft Translator Client ID and Client secret?”


North52 Installation Guide

  1. Go here and fill up the request fields, then click Request Download.north52 installation


  1. An email will be sent containing the download link of the North52 Managed Solution.

north52 managed solution

  1. Go to CRM > Settings > Solutions.
  2. Import the North52 Managed Solution.

north52 managed solution import


north52 managed solution 2

  1. Open the imported solution.

north52 imported solution

  1. Accept the Terms of Agreement on the Configuration tab of the solution.north52 managed solution terms of agreement
  1. Open the Configuration Page by clicking the link found on the solution.

north52 configuration page

  1. Update the System Settings with the Bing Translator Client and Secret from your Microsoft Translator Account. Save the Config record.

north52 config record

  1. Create N52 Formula
  • Go to Settings -> North52 -> N52 Formula -> New
  • Set the Source Entity to ‘Account’
  • Set the Event to ‘Create & Update’
  • Set the Source Property field to ‘Local Description’
  • Set the Target Property to ‘Global Language’
  • Copy & paste the formula below into the formula description field

  • Click Save
  1. Test the Solution by creating an Account Record and input value on the Local Description field.


This solution makes CRM developer/consultants lives easier. Rather than coding a Javascript or JQuery to translate language, we will just have to configure a N52 formula in order to meet the requirement. This solution basically simplifies custom coding for any MS Dynamics CRM.


To hide the N52 settings from any basic user, just assigned the North52 Formula Manager – Standard security role

north52 manage user roles