As we all know, Business Process Flows are designed to help users select the necessary process steps based on the business logic. To maintain different stages in business process flow, we use an option set called “Stage Category” available on “Process stage” entity.

It is very common for a user to want to see the stage of the process flow for the selected entity records in a view or chart. To do this, we can add a column from the related Process Stage entity as shown below:

business process stage dynamics crm

The main limitation of using this column in the view and charts is…

The user cannot sort the view based on this Process Stage column as the column is not part of the primary entity. You cannot make much use of this field in charts for grouping on this.

To solve this, we can make use of custom fields which have values of the current stage details at any given point of time. Let’s see how this can be achieved.

Using Custom Fields to Store Business Process Stage

Let’s create two custom fields, for example, “Process Name” and “Process Stage Name” and add these two fields on form, but in hidden mode. We have to use a workflow to populate the BPF process name and current stage values to the custom fields created. This workflow needs to be executed on create and process stage change events of the record.

set process name and process stage


In the Update step of the workflow, we need to update the custom fields with the values from the related Process Stage entity.

update opportunity dynamics crm


That’s all we need to do. Now these custom fields can be used in views and dashboards charts to sort, filter, group the data based on process stage.