Hi! In this blog, I will be sharing my knowledge of one of the tools that I have used as Dynamics CRM Support in my previous company. This tool is User Settings Utility, which is used for updating or controlling the settings of all the users inside Dynamics CRM.

I have used this tool in a scenario where I needed to update some of the users’ Outlook settings. Instead of giving them instructions on how to set up their Outlook, with the help of the tool, I updated their Outlook accounts myself.

How to use User Settings Utility

I will now show you how to use the User Settings Utility. First things first, we must download the XrmToolBox from this link: http://www.xrmtoolbox.com/download.html. After opening the link, click the download button.

download user settings utility

  1. After download, extract the file to a clean folder.
  2. Open the XrmToolBox by double-clicking the XrmToolBox .exe file.

pic2 xrm tool

  1. Once the tool finishes loading, connect to your CRM first by clicking the “Connect to CRM” button on the top menu.

pic3 xrm connect

  1. Establish a connection by clicking the “New Connection” button on the top menu of the window that pops out.

pic4 select connection

  1. Type the URL of the Dynamics CRM to be connected on the blank textbox, and then hit “Go”.

pic5 url

  1. A pop up will appear asking for the CRM credentials. Populate the username and password areas and then click “Connect” button.

pic6 connect

  1. The tool will ask you to save the connection; save it for future use by naming it and then click “Finish”.

pic7 finish

  1. At the bottom of the tool, you will see that you are now connected to the CRM.


  1. Scroll down the list of tools until you find the User Settings Utility, and then click on it.

pic9 user utility

  1. The User Settings Utility tool will open in the new tab; click on the “Load Users and settings” button to load all users and their corresponding settings.

pic10 load user

  1. All Users from the CRM are now loaded in the tool.

pic11 load tool

  1. You can now change the settings of the users one by one or by bulk.
  2. You can change the settings of the following users through these categories:
  • General

pic12 general

  • Activities

pic13 activities

  • Email Settings

pic14 email setting

  • Privacy & Languages

pic15 privacy

  • Outlook Forms

pic16 outlooks form

  1. After applying suitable configuration to the right user, click “Update User Settings”.

user settings tool

  1. Once the tool finishes loading, the settings of the user is automatically saved in the CRM.

pic18 set personal


As I said earlier, this tool is very helpful to us Dynamics CRM consultants. It can be used when testing a scenario, or it can be used as a support tool. This tool can save us a lot of time. Instead of creating a documentation guide for the user or guiding them via a call, we can just update the settings ourselves.