Dynamics 365 has been released and is perfectly designed to change the way organizations work and deliver services. Microsoft has adopted a process based approach to transform business processes, i.e. rather than being software dependent, Dynamics 365 will allow organisations to just concentrate on their business processes such as:

  • Sales
  • Field Service
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Project Service Automaton
  • Operations

Please refer to figure below to see relationship between Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft applications.

Microsoft AppSource - Dynamics 365

Figure 1: Originally posted in www.blogs.technet.microsoft


Unified Experience with Dynamics 365

Like any other Microsoft application, Dynamics 365 also seamlessly integrates with:

  • Office 365
  • Azure IoT
  • Crotona Intelligence
  • 3rd party business applications

Dynamics 365 includes the capabilities of ERP and CRM to provide customers a unified experience. In addition, Dynamics 365:

  • Is adaptive to any environment
  • Is purposeful, targeted to improve specific business process
  • Has improved navigation
  • Ensures all solutions are delivered in secure way

Optimized Licencing

Dynamics 365 is designed with customers in mind. The improved licencing with Dynamics 365 allows customers to pay for what they need. Broadly, Dynamics 365 licencing is divided into Business (10-250 employees) and Enterprise (250 + employee).

Enterprise licencing is further divided into two plans:

Plan 1

Plan 1 caters to CRM related aspects such as Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service Automation and Marketing. This plan is perfect for customer facing environment where operational information is not important.

Plan 2

Plan 2 caters to large enterprises where operational information is important before responding to customers. This plan comes with little more price tag because Plan 2 basically is plan 1 + operations, supply chain and financial information.

Business Licencing is designed for small organisations up to 250 employees. It utilizes the capabilities of project madeira and Dynamics CRM to provide insights into financials, sales and marketing. It is available just as a cloud solution initially.

Office 365 + Dynamics 365

With integration of Office 365 with Dynamics 365, all customer information/data will be readily available to Office 365, especially Microsoft Outlook. Whenever a customer responds to an email, Dynamics 365 populates all the interactions a user has previously done with the respondents. Dynamics 365 also suggests the pre-built email templates that can be used to send a quick email reply to the customers.


Microsoft has also released AppSource along with Dynamics 365 to decentralize SAAS or line of business applications. Whenever an app is launched on AppSource, its gets automatically integrated with Dynamics 365 environment. Downloaded apps can easily be seen on Dynamics 365 page.

In a nutshell, Dynamics 365 also helps achieve agility and cost saving within organisations. It imbibes machine learning capabilities within Azure and cognitive intelligence within Crotona to come up as single most powerful business application.

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