Following up Sachith’s post around troubleshooting XperiDo workflow errors, I would like to share my experience working on XperiDo workflow.

As part of ALM strategy, typically we will need to maintain multiple environments (such as DEV > TEST > TRAINING > PROD) in sync through code promotion/deployment to transport the changes.  One of the capability of XperiDo on-premise that typically follows the CRM ALM strategy is the file promotion. This article provides the guide on how to perform promotion on XperiDo.

One thing that I noticed when I deployed XperiDo solution in one of our client is that every time we perform file promotion from one environment to another, all of my workflows that have XperiDo step are stopped working. It is caused by the file promotion is recreating the metadata instead of updating them. Since the workflows are referring to these metadata records, obviously it will break the workflow. To address this issue, fortunately the XperiDo team has released an update of their Workflow assembly, from version 3.3.5 onward, there is a new workflow step called: “Select template” that produces an entity reference based on the template name to be consumed by the workflow.

It is a bit tedious work for the existing workflows that was developed based on the previous version to add another step for each template metadata references, however it is better to be updated for the long term maintenance.

Below is the step-by-step guide provided by XperiDo (

  1. Add a Select Template step.

Under Value, type the display name of the template you wish to use. This is the name of the XperiDo Metadata record associated with the template:

xperido metadata template
xperido metadata

xperido metadata 2

  1. Save and close the step.
  2. Add a Generate Document step.
  3. Put your cursor in the box under Value (for Template).

xperido metadata value

  1. To the right, look for the Select Template step (I named it Select Template as well) and choose the one where it says XperiDo Metadata.

xperido metadata local values

  1. Choose XperiDo Metadata.

xperido metadata 3

  1. Click Add.

xperido metadata 4

  1. Click OK.

xperido metadata 5

  1. The Generate Document step is now linked to the Select Template step (as indicated by the yellow background).

generate document and select template

  1. Click Save and Close.


Hope this helps!