Did you know the easiest and quickest way to replicate the views in Dynamics CRM is using the XRM toolbox?

The most boring tasks to be done in Dynamics CRM configurations is updating the views for the custom entities/ system entities. It’s easy but time consuming, and there could be a chance of missing some of the views from being configured rightly.

Best way to get them configured is using the XRM Toolbox. XRM Toolbox is a great tool for any CRM consultant/developer, containing more than 20 tools.

The latest version of the XRM Toolbox can be downloaded here. Once downloaded, follow instructions given here to complete the setup.

Run the XrmToolBox.exe on the local machine. Connect to a CRM organization.

connect to CRM XRM toolbox

Few connection instructions are as below:

XRM toolbox connection dialog
  • Connection name : a name to remember when there are multiple organizations configured
  • Fill in the Server Information:
    • Use SLL: indicates an HTTPS endpoint connection.
    • Use IFD : indicates Claims based authentication or IFD connection
    • Use CRM Online : indicates CRM Online connection
    • Use Office 365 : indicates that the CRM Online is on Office 365
  • Server Name: The hostname of the server you are connecting to.
  • Enter the organization authentication details


Click on Get Orgs. button to retrieve a list of organizations. Select the organization you want to connect to. Click OK.

A list of all the tools available would be seen. Click on the View Layout Replicator.

view layout replicator

Click on Load Entities to load the organization entities.

load entitities xrm toolbox


Select the entity for configuring the views. Then select the source view that has been rightly configured in CRM. Select all the Target views to which the configurations need to be applied to.

target views xrm toolbox

Click on Save Views and then Publish Entity. Done!

publish entity xrm toolbox

Some of the other similar interesting tools provided by the XRM Toolbox are:

  • Sitemap Editor: To manage the sitemap with no XML edition
  • Audit Centre: Allows you to define Audit Settings for entities at a go.
  • Role Updater: Helps to update multiple roles with same privileges
  • Iconator: To manage icons of custom entities from a single screen
  • Easy Translator: Export and Imports translations with contextual information
  • Metadata Document Generator: A tool to generate Excel and Word document with entities and attribute information – good for documentation purposes

Hope you find some time to explore more on the remaining tools, else look forward to my next blog. 😉