Recently, one of the tickets I encountered, being part of the Dynamics CRM Support Team, is an email issue. A user cannot send an email successfully, so after searching the cause of the issue, I found out that the Mailbox of the user is not yet enabled.

Also as part of the team that handles pre-sales of Dynamics CRM, we needed to correctly configure the email settings of the CRM Demo, part of it is to test and enable Mailbox.

Test and enable a Mailbox

If your organization uses server-side synchronization to synchronize email, appointments, contacts, and tasks, you’ll need to test and enable your CRM mailbox before you can use it. This is not necessary when “using CRM for Outlook or the Email Router for synchronization purposes.


test and enable mailbox


To go to any Mailbox, just navigate to Settings > Email Configuration > Mailboxes.

When you do this…

…CRM verifies that the mailbox is configured correctly.

  • The mailbox email address is correct.
  • The connection to the email server is working.
  • You have the right privileges to access the mailbox.

If the test is successful, the mailbox is enabled for server-side synchronization.

When you click Test & Enable Mailbox for outgoing emails (the Outgoing Email option on the Email tab of the System Settings dialog box is set to Server-Side Synchronization), a test message will be sent to that email address. You’ll see a message as in the screen shot below. (visit TechNet page)

test message


To test and enable a mailbox, you must either own the mailbox, or are a system administrator and you have access to other users’ mailboxes.

When to test and enable mailboxes

Test and enable a mailbox under any of these instances: (reference MSDN Blog)

  • When it’s first set up and you haven’t already tested and enabled it.
  • When you change your mailbox email server profile. An email server profile is a connection to the email server.
  • If the mailbox synchronization method is changed to Server-Side Synchronization from a different synchronization method.
  • When you activate a mailbox that was inactive.
  • If you change your email address.


Tip: “Not Run” in the Incoming Email StatusOutgoing Email Status, or Appointments, Contacts and Task Status fields, and the synchronization method is set to Server-Side Synchronization, is a simple indicator that you need to test and enable your mailbox.

my active mailboxes


How to test and enable mailboxes

To test your own mailbox:

  • Go to Options > Email > View your Mailbox.

To test your users’ mailboxes or several mailboxes at the same time:

  • Go to Settings > Email Configuration > Mailboxes.

In this view, you’ll see all the mailboxes your role allows you to access. You can select multiple mailboxes and test and enable them together.

test and enable mailboxes


View the test results


If the test is successful, it may take up to 15 minutes before you can view the test results. To view the test results, go to the mailbox itself and you will find email configuration alerts same as below screenshot.

mailbox alerts


For system administrators, go to Settings > Email Configuration > Mailboxes. You will see “Success” under Incoming Email, Outgoing Email, and Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks field, if your test was successful.

my active mailboxes 2