22 November, 2017
Jannelyn Dalangin

Testing Perspective – How to Prepare for Dynamics CRM Upgrade

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When working on a Dynamics CRM project, it is inevitable to undergo any CRM upgrade or update. We testers usually get the following questions: What test cases or scenarios should we run? On what entity [...]

20 October, 2017
Mark Gomez

How to fix SSIS script component cannot be upgraded Error

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  This blog will be a little different and will focus on an issue I had on one of my past projects and hopefully help others that will encounter the same issue. :-) Background To [...]

22 May, 2017
Simaranjit Singh Bhalla

Xperido-Dynamics 365 Connection Error

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The blog concerns the connectivity error we were getting between Dynamics CRM and Xperido after Dynamics was upgraded from CRM 2016 to Dynamics 365. We were using Xperido for document generation, with SharePoint Online configured [...]

17 May, 2017
Zohaib Uddin Khan

Dynamics 365 Upgrade – Global Search Stopped Working

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Problem Recently, I did an upgrade from Dynamics CRM 2015 (On-Premises) to Dynamics 365 (On-Premises). After the upgrade, I faced a terrible challenge: Global Search stopped working, and I got bombarded with the exception 'Query [...]

11 May, 2017
Zohaib Uddin Khan

Assign Security Role Button Missing in Business Process Flow

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Problem I’ve created a custom business process flow for incidents. However, I’m unable to assign security role to this custom business process flow as ‘Assign Security Role’ button is missing. While ‘Edit Security Role’ button [...]

14 April, 2017
Prashant Shukla

Dynamics CRM 2013 to 2015/2016 Upgrade Issue: Unable to Add Line Items

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A lot of my clients have faced issues after upgrading from Dynamics CRM 2013 to CRM 2015/2016. One such upgrade issue is ‘not being able to add product lines/line items’ in opportunity/quote/order/invoice. Here is a short [...]

6 February, 2017
Rolando Sacramento

Dynamics 365 Upgrade – Things to Consider

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With the launch of feature-rich Dynamics 365, your clients will ask you this question: “How easy is it to upgrade?” They most certainly will especially when they clients have already read blogs and seen videos [...]