Beginning in Dynamics CRM 2013, when creating a new record from a CRM subgrid located in an entity form, you need to click three times before you can create a new record. An example of this is the subgrid in the Account form. You first click on the “+” button at the rightmost side of the subgrid.

dynamics crm subgrid 1

Then you click on the “New” button:

dynamics crm subgrid 2

Before you can actually fill in the details for the new record either through the Quick Create form or the actual New Contact Form:

dynamics crm subgrid 3

Solution: a few tweaks in Dynamics CRM subgrid

  1. You can either choose to have the Quick Create form or the traditional popup form to appear upon clicking the “+” button on the grid. You can find that setting under Customizations, choose the Form, then it should be under Data Services as shown in the screenshots below.

dynamics crm subgrid - data services


dynamics crm subgrid - data services 2


  1. Using Ribbon Workbench 2013, you can enable/disable the Quick Create form to appear when the “+” button is clicked as described in this article.

ribbon workbench 2013


dynamics crm subgrid



Adding a new record for a related entity from a subgrid doesn’t have to involve a number of clicks for the user. This could only be applicable if the user needs to enter a small set of information – say when a field sales user is capturing lead information from a trade expo where information and details about the lead could be captured after the event has passed to find out more about the lead. This is one of the few simple tweaks you can make that can greatly enhance your user’s experience but that again depends on the client’s business need or requirement.