There will be times when working in CRM that you’ll encounter something really bizarre like the following:

default pluc view dynamics crm

Notice that there are two Default Public Views which should be impossible with MSCRM – but darn it happened! As with all catastrophes, everything happens due to some reason. This might’ve been due to a migration or an upgrade from an older version, or due to whatever reason.

This duplicate Default Public Views will cause the following error when you attempt to access it:

default public view error dynamics crm

I know, it’s not really helpful. Attempting to delete the duplicate view also doesn’t help since CRM “thinks” that you were trying to delete the Default Public View, when in fact you have two of them. There are other helpful posts on the internet which outlines some solutions such as this and this. Unfortunately, these solutions didn’t work for us. If the same goes for you and your team, then try to tinker a bit on the CRM database (I know this isn’t a good practice but we’re really looking for a solution and we’re looking for it ASAP).


A simple solution is to fire up SQL Server Management Studio and set the View property “IsDefault” to 0, and then delete using the GUI (or just delete the row from the database).

Here’s the code snippet:


Same solution applies to Personal Views:


So there you have it! While this solution seems to be not the best practice, it might work for you if you have tried all other options. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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