Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 onwards has introduced the new philosophy of “Configure once, deploy everywhere”, where your form configuration in web client can be rendered automatically in the mobile/tablet client without the need for creating different forms for each device factor.

For more reference to getting started with the Dynamics CRM Phone/Tablet app, you can read this TechNet article.

In this post, I will briefly show how to quickly get the preview of the “Configure once, deploy everywhere” philosophy when you are editing the form.

Preview Form on Multiple Form Factor Devices

So on the form editor page, there is “Preview” button at the ribbon command. You can select whether you would like to see the preview in Tablet (1024 x 768) or Mobile (360 x 640).

configure once deploy everywhere


Once you have selected the form factor that you would like to preview, it will start simulating the metadata processing that the real mobile/tablet app does.

dynamics crm mobile simulation


Once it’s finished with the metadata processing, it will then render the layout.

dynamics crm mobile simulation rendering


You also can quickly switch to preview on the different form factor (mobile/tablet) by clicking the icon of the device at the top right hand side of the page.

mobile device form factor



This is a really useful functionality for CRM system customizer/admin to quickly validate the layout before it is deployed to the actual device. A huge time saver!

Hope this helps!