As a Dynamics CRM Support staff, one incident that I encountered is a user requesting help to modify a view. Upon investigating, I found out that the reported view is a personal view. I wanted to check the query of the reported view, so I searched for some possible way. Then I found this Personal View Manager tool from codeplex.

Personal View Manager

Personal View Manager lets the user with System Administrator role to manage all personal views of Dynamics CRM users, unlike out of the box in CRM that only lets you view your own Personal view or the ones shared to you.


  • View personal views shared to or owned by a user in CRM
  • View privileges the connecting user is having for a personal view
  • Share the personal view with other user(s) in CRM
  • Open the personal view in CRM directly from the application.

personal view manager


The steps below will give a detailed explanation of how to use this tool.

  1. Download the zip file that contains the tool from this CodePlex page.
  2. Extract the zip file to a clean folder then click PersonalViewManager.

personal view manager zip file

  1. Connect to your CRM Organization by clicking the button on the bottom of the tool. Then click Create new connection.

CREATE new connection

  1. Fill-up the connection form that will pop-up after you click the Create new connection. Enter server name, credentials and also determine if the CRM used is Online or IFD.

connection dialog

  1. Hit the Get Orgs. Button and then choose an organization. After that click OK to connect to that CRM organization. Once connected a status will be shown at the bottom of the tool.

connected to crm organization

  1. Click Load Data button to load the metadata of all the users from the Dynamics CRM.

load data loading metadata

  1. A list of users will be available on the dropdown.

list of users

  1. Click a user to display his/her personal view.

user to display personal view

  1. To share a certain view, click on the checkbox and then click the Share button.

share button

  1. On the share window, you can view all the users that have access to the personal view – meaning, users that shared to. Click Add User to choose users you want to share the personal view.

share window

  1. After a choosing user, you can control the rights of the added user on the same share window.

control user rights

  1. Hit Save Changes. A pop-up will be shown if the rights is successfully saved.

hit save changes

  1. You can now view the personal view of the user.

user personal view


This third party tool can help any CRM administrator to manage views by controlling all the access rights from any Personal Views. It will be helpful also to us being a Dynamics CRM Support personnel on investigating issues that involve Personal Views.