Recently, Microsoft added a cool preview feature in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 release called the Organization Insights.

Since it’s a preview feature, we have to manually activate it by navigating to Settings >  Administration > System Settings, and then to the ‘Preview’ tab.

From there, we can enable the Organization Insights Preview feature.



Once it is activated, we would see a new dashboard in the dashboard area called ‘Organization Insights Dashboard”.



As you can see above, it comes as a standard 6-section layout dashboard, and it provides insights into the key CRM metrics. This includes showing details of:

Active Users – Shows the adoption and usage of your CRM instance based on active users (unique users) with read, write, create, and update actions.

Most Active Users (Reads) – Lists the top ten users who performed the most Read operations in your CRM instance.

Most Active Users (Changes) – Lists the top ten users who performed the most change operations (creates, updates, deletes) in your CRM instance.

Active Users Performing Specific Operations – Shows how many unique users are performing which types of operations (create, update, deletes, reads) in your CRM instance over the specified time.

Total Operations – Shows how many operations (create, update, deletes, reads) have occurred in the CRM instance over the specified time.

Total Page Requests – Shows the number of page load requests for forms, dashboards, and reports. This is a count of requests received by the CRM server. Pages that are cached while browsing won’t be counted.

You would also notice a Loopback option on the top right of every chart. This lets you select the time period for data you want to be included in the chart. We could from a 2H (2 hour) 48H (forty eight hours) or 30H (thirty hours).

One thing I noticed is that it does not save the time period option that you have chosen. So if you select time period, say 48H, and then navigate away and come back to the dashboard, it will default back to a 2H time period which is kind of a bad experience for me.

But other than that, I think it’s a cool new add-on that I, as an administrator, won’t mind having on my CRM instance.

Just one last thing before I wrap up. In case you activate this preview feature and still can’t see the new dashboard, make sure you open the default CRM solution and check if the security role you have logged in with has access to this dashboard.

That’s it from me guys for this blog.

Happy CRM’ing!