Earlier, we used to create multiple entities for the lookup data, e.g. if we have four lookup records related to the address names City, County, State and Country. Before Dynamics CRM 2016, we need to create separate entity for each lookup to achieve this.

Dynamics CRM 2016 onwards, all data can be simply created in Category, and we don’t need to design separate entity for each lookup.

Lets’ see how we can achieve this.

Categories can be found under the Service Management.

CRM 2016 Online Update 1 Introduces New Entity Called Category


Let’s create a category named “Title”.

This category will have all the titles used in the name. To achieve this, we will create a record with the name “Title”. It will have a category number auto-generated.

We can customize the Category number under the section.

Let’s create some child record under the Title. To do thi, create records under the subgrid of parent record.

Another way to create the same record is by selecting the relevant parent category like below.


Create a view to select the records of those having parent category “Title”.

Create a lookup field using Category in the Any entity (account) and set the view to select Title.

Finally, a better hierarchical view can be seen for the parent and child relationship.



There’s no need to create any custom entity for lookups, and the same can be achieved by the Category entity. This will reduce the number of master entities creation in CRM, and all data can be migrated easily from Categories to all environment.