Recently in one of my implementations, I had to migrate data from Dynamics CRM On-premises to Dynamics CRM Online. I used SSIS using Kingswaysoft connector in order to migrate the data.

One of the hardest things during the migration was ‘Activity’ because it contains activity party list. Activity party list is not always easy to understand, but all credits to Kingswaysoft, they made it quite straightforward.

Going from CRM On-premises to Online, users do not move or sync since with Dynamics CRM Online, users only come through Office 365 Active Directory. The only match that is available is based on the user’s full name or email address. So if we have a user’s email address or full name with the source dataset, it becomes quite easy to map it to destination using text lookup feature.

text lookup editor

In case of activities (activity party list), it is not easy to fetch details of activity party. However, Kingswaysoft gives you an option to select ‘Primary field’. So if you click on ‘to’, ‘from’, ‘cc’ and ‘bcc’ fields (activity party list), you will see different options.

primary field

As default, the first option ‘Do not Use Text Lookup’ is selected. Choose either ‘Use Primary Field (All)’ or ‘Chose Target Field(s)’ and make sure you select primary field to identity record as shown below:

target field

Because ‘Primary field’ is not GUID, it is the text field that you can find in entity detail screen:

entity detail screen - Migration of Email or Other Activities

So, Kingswaysoft internally matches user record based on primary field. That is quite a cool option. Otherwise, you have to manage the activity party list member yourself.

For more details on text lookup feature on different Kingswaysoft, please visit their website.