under constructionNowadays, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deployment is one of the major topics in the Dynamics CRM arena. I thought about sharing my recent client experiences regarding online deployment as a series of tips.

In this series, I would like to discuss Admin Settings in Dynamics CRM instances. As a first tip, I would like to focus on…

Administration mode

This is the first tab in Admin settings where you can change settings of the instance.

Based on the below screenshot, you need to select the instance and then you can click on the ADMIN button.

0365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance panel

dynamics crm online deployment



Once you’ve clicked on the Admin button, you will be able to change “administration mode” settings as below screen.

admin settings

When you tick on the administration mode, only users with CRM system administrators or system customizers security roles will be able to access the system instance. This mode is better when you want to make operational changes and not have regular users affect your work, and not have your work affect regular users.

Following settings can be configured in this mode:

  1. Enable administration mode

Once you select this option, only System Administrators or System Customizers will be able to sign into the particular instance.

  1. Disable background operations

This will disable all asynchronous operations including workflows and synchronization with Microsoft Exchange. Emails will not be sent and server-side synchronization for appointments, contacts, and tasks are disabled.

  1. Custom message for end users

This message will be displayed to all users when they try to log into the system: Under Construction 🙂

To be continued…