With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 comes a list of new features. One of the features, and the focus of this blog, is the addition of Word Templates for document generation. This new feature has been long sought-after by many users who have had to turn to ISVs, such as XperiDo and Document Core Pack, for their document generation needs. But does it really replace it?

xperido logoThe aim of this blog is to provide a quick comparison of this new feature and the ISV provided by XperiDo.


Microsoft Dynamics 2016 – Word Template

  • Comes with CRM 2016
  • Allows assigning of security roles for templates
  • Can create personal templates
  • No plug-in required for template design (uses developer tool XML mapping in word)
  • No need to cache metadata

word templates from CRM data



  • Able to trigger document creation using workflows as well as create tasks, notes, emails and printing
  • Can insert calculations on mappings before generation of the document
  • Can add dynamic fields
  • Can compose document using different segments
  • Inserts unique bar codes
  • Can have separate data sets for different templates
  • Integrates with SharePoint for further automation

xperido document automation


The many users that have wanted document generation as part of CRM can now celebrate with no additional cost if they have Microsoft Dynamics 2016. The features are basic, but many users’ needs would be satisfied with the inbuilt document generator. However, if you need a document generator more powerful and flexible with document automation, XperiDo provides a comprehensive solution that will highly likely cover all your document generation needs and more.

I’ve only listed some of benefits of the new inbuilt feature and XperiDo. What are some that you can add to the list?