Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Backup & Recovery Options

In real life, we never know when things are going wrong, and we need to be prepared for it before we hit the massive wave.

massive wave

There are few ways to back up and recover Dynamics CRM systems. Today, I am going to discuss a few options where you can enhance the security, availability and reliability of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

  1. A simple way to recover Dynamics CRM solution is to export your solution as unmanaged and push it into your own safe drive – VSTS, OneDrive, etc.

This is recommended for Development environments. Whenever Solution version is changed, the solution needs to be exported as an unmanaged solution and save it in a secure location. In case if you lose Development environment, you can easily restore your backed up managed and unmanaged solution into new Development environment accordingly.

  1. Copy Complete Environment to another Sandbox.

This is recommended when you do an unmanaged solution deployment to a production environment. Before you do unmanaged solution deployment to production, you need to copy production environment to Sandbox. If there is an issue, simply you can Convert Sandbox instance to production and redirect URLs accordingly which was referring to previous production environment.

Note: it will take 24 to 42 hours to sync URL’ s and better to deploy this on Friday night and you can recover environment by Monday.

You can copy environment by using CRM admin panel by using “Copy Instance” Functionality as follows.

CRM online deployment

  1. In disaster recovery situation you also can access to Microsoft Daily backup of your environment.

 Microsoft performs a daily backup to ensure security, availability, and reliability of the data in server side. In the case of critical error, the customer can request from Microsoft to restore their CRM online recent Organization nightly backup to minimize the risk of losing data. This is a manual process and you need to directly call Microsoft.

I have shared my knowledge through few articles regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM online deployment, and I have shared key best practices when you try to do production and UAT deployments. Based on my experience, it is a wise decision to keep backup and recovery option in place from the initial stage of the project. This makes sure to maintain continuous, efficient flow of delivery to our clients. Life is all about challenges and a wise man will always plan ahead !!!!!