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There’s hundreds of apps and solutions when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics suite of applications. It’s often hard to find the right application or ISV solution for your needs. Version incompatibilities, difficultly in arranging trial runs and difficulties in finding the right vendor are among many issues of using ISV solutions in your organisation.

With the launch of Dynamics 365, Microsoft also launched a new online app store for its cloud products which comprises of trusted SaaS (Software as a Service) based applications for your organisation.



Microsoft AppSource helps businesses to find the right line of business (LOB) applications and hosts more than 200 applications over a variety of industries and Microsoft products. These applications are built on Microsoft’s premier technology platforms like Azure and PowerBI. Whilst you can find new applications for your business needs, if you own existing applications you can find content packs or add-ons via AppSource which makes it a one stop shop. AppSource encourages a “try before you buy” concept by allowing you as a customer to try out these apps before going for a full deployment which makes it easier when making decisions on finding the right tool.

Microsoft AppSource lets you search by solution category, industry of your organisation or the products you are using. This makes the whole process much easier as you can drill down into the relevant app much faster without having to worry about the rest of the catalogue.



Once you have found the application you need, clicking on the relevant icon takes you to the product details page, and from there, you can request for a trial and even install them into your online products.




There’s many benefits of using AppSource in your organisation based on whether you are customer looking for an application or a Microsoft partner looking to list an application.

As a Customer

  • It’s a one-stop-shop for applications and ISV add-ons
  • Find the app you need quickly by using advanced filtering
  • Try the applications/add-ons before purchasing
  • Install directly onto Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365
  • Reviews and brochure makes it easier to compare and get to know the application

As an ISV (Independent Software Vendor)/IS (Integration Services) Partner

  • It’s a marketplace to sell your applications for Microsoft products
  • Promote and upsell/cross sell add ins and content packs
  • Focus on selling the software and rely on top frameworks to run them

If you are a Microsoft partner specialising in ISV applications, you might be interested in knowing how the listing process works. The applications you submit into AppSource go through a submission and a review process and Microsoft has documented the guidelines here.



Hope you now have an idea on what AppSource is and how it can benefit your business.