Recently, I passed the MB 2-710: Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment exam. I must say it was quite fair and probably the less difficult of the ones I’ve done.

Unlike the much hated MB2-706: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Deployment exam, all questions were relevant to 2016 ONLINE ONLY.

MB2- 710 CRM 2016 Online Deployment meme

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It was a weird exam (but weird in a good way).


As you know, the exams are all multiple choice and some questions had answers that clearly gave themselves up as the incorrect one (I mean by a long shot since some were just plain silly). So through the process of elimination, you could work out the correct answer. I found this happened to a few questions on topics that I managed to miss out on studying for!

Some questions just test your memory and nothing else.

Surprised there wasn’t more real life based scenario questions – most were straightforward theory. Maybe it was just the pool of questions I got.


What do I need to do to pass CRM 2016 Online Deployment exam?

Skills measured – As always, when preparing for an exam, go through the Skills Measured site and make sure you address ALL the bullet points.

PartnerSource/DLP material – Make sure you go through the e-learning videos as well as the attached course slides. This is only available for Partners, so if you don’t have access, find a way to get access. 🙂


Setup Guide: Server-side synchronization for CRM Online and Exchange Server

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deployment, administration, and migration documentation


Practice and Anticipate

It is essential  that you sign up for Office 365 Enterprise + Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Trial on a single tenant subscription so that you can visualise and learn how the related services (Office Group, Yammer, SharePoint etc) link in with Dynamics CRM, as well as practice some of the admin related tasks (add users, remove licenses) in Dynamics CRM.

office 365 enterprise


assign license



Trust me, this helped me tremendously for the preparation.

Having a system to play around with means that you can kind of predict what kind of questions might be asked.

E.g. Whilst looking at the Email Configuration Settings, you can probably predict that they will ask about the supported synchronisation methods for incoming and outgoing email, etc..

What questions are in the exam?

Refer to the previous heading What do I need to do to pass CRM 2016 Online Deployment exam? 🙂 All the stuff that I mentioned previously are more than enough to pass.