When you create custom entities in Dynamics CRM, they come with no image, that is, no icon next to the entity’s name. XrmToolBox has a very good tool, Iconator, to load icons to Dynamics CRM custom entities.

Below are the steps:

  1. Download XrmToolBox from xrmtoolbox.com. It is free.
  2. Open the XrmToolBox.exe and select Iconator.


  1. Go through the CRM connection process as shown below. Once you enter your CRM login details, select Get Orgs. This will show the available Organisation names. Click OK.

get orgs

  1. After establishing the connection to your CRM instance, select Load Entities and Images. This will load all the custom entities and images.

load entities and images

  1. To load a new image logo for a custom entity into the XrmToolBox, select Add Image(s) and the file explorer opens.

add images

  1. Select Add Image(s), to select the required file. Untick the option Add to default solution, and from the dropdown, select the solution you are working on. If this is not done, then the image file is loaded under default solution as the option says. Click Create web resources with selected images. This will add the images to the XrmToolBox.

add image web resources

  1. Go to Other images tab and you will find your image that was uploaded in the earlier step.

other images

  1. To map the image with the custom entity, select the entity from the Entities panel (in my example, it is Agents). From the Web Resources, select the image and then select Map button.

map image

  1. When you click Map button, a pop up window opens Select icon type for this image and presents with 2 options, 16px & 32px. You have to map the image twice, once with size 16px and next with 32px. Once this is done, select Apply and Publish. You will now see the image icons next to the selected custom entity in your Dynamics CRM.

select icon type for image