e-learning microsoft dynamicsI’m sure all of us in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community have logged many hours completing e-learning. Whether it be for a CRM certification exam, to learn about a CRM add-on, or to fulfil an employer’s requirement for mandatory training.

But let’s face it, not all e-learning modules are created equal, some are fantastic, and some unfortunately may be mind numbing.

Whilst we, as e-learning consumers, cannot change the content of the modules we are required to take, other than to submit feedback, we can change the way in which we tackle our learning.

Communication and learning theories have evolved over the years and a quick google will reveal many different types of learners: visual-spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical – the list goes on and on.  No matter which learning style you have, one thing can be guaranteed – e-learning material will not be geared to suit you and your learning style 100%. So what can we do about it?

Some tips for taking e-Learning classes

  1. Take some time to think back about how you like to learn – do you find success from writing handwritten notes as you go? Or do you like to listen first, and then take notes?
  2. Pick an environment that is conducive to learning. Sitting at a desk with the afternoon sun glaring through your window is not going to help information retention, and can often go unnoticed.
  3. Take note of when you feel the most attentive and set aside some time. I.e. a morning person will achieve more in the hours before lunch, rather than trying to cram in some training during the afternoon after a big lunch.
  4. Set goals. It is said that the adult attention span is roughly 20 minutes. Just because a training video has a 70-minute duration, does not mean you have to get through all 70 minutes at once. Chunk it up and take a break.
  5. Change the format. Some training materials may take you through a demonstration with assigned ‘homework’ or tasks to replicate at the end. Nothing is stopping you from hitting pause, and doing some hands-on practice.