LinkedIn integration with contact entity


A Contact’s LinkedIn profile can be launched from the Contact entity’s form through the use of LinkedIn API. In order for this to work, new field needs to be added into the Contact entity’s form to hold the LinkedIn URL. This then gets appended with the last name and the first name of the Contact through JScript.

Field Name

new_linkedinURL à Single Line of Text, format, URL.


Type of Code

  • JScript

Required Entities

  • Contact

Configuration and Code Snippet(s):


Configuration File(s) and Settings

  • N/A

Recommended Test Script

  • For an existing Contact record with a last name and a first name
  • Click the LinkedIn URL field. It should take you to a new browser window with the LinkedIn Profile for the Contact.
  • If there are a lot of results returned, append the company name to the LinkedIn URL field. Add an ampersand character “&” then the word “Company”, an equal sign “=” then the name of the Company the Contact is associated with such as the below screenshot:

linkedin url

Please do take note that the URL needs to follow URL encoding standards. For example, if the company shown above has a space in between (e.g. SMS MT), then it should be written as SMS%20MT so that the browser understands it. It would be wise to have a function that encodes the URL automatically and accounts for all the possible conversion regardless of the URL passed.

JScript Code Snippet (should be called on Form_Load())


LinkedIn might change its API from time to time, so you need to check with the company’s website for any changes that might break this code. As of this writing, there is even a CRM Solution straight from LinkedIn and I am yet to explore which I’ll write about in my next blog.