One of our customers recently implemented Dynamics CRM for their sales team. Client had setup daily, weekly and monthly goals for them in Dynamics CRM. On launch day, we got a call from the customer that goals are not getting updated. Their sales team has closed opportunities, but in goals, the value is not getting updated.

I told them there is system job named “Goal Roll-Up” that updates the values. By default the job runs every 24 hours but it can be adjusted. I told him I would update this to 1 hour, so every hour, the values get updated.

I went to Settings->Administration->System Settings. Then, I clicked on Goals tab and changed value of Roll-up recurrence frequency to 1 from 24 and clicked on the Ok button at the bottom.

goal roll-up recurrence frequency

It threw me a message that said “Enter a value from 24 through 2,147,483,647”.

In other words, minimum value is 24 hours.


After doing some research and with the help of this MSDN link, I found that each system job in Dynamics CRM has code, and with some little programming, we can tweak the schedule of job execution. I put up a custom workflow that had following lines of code and that custom workflow executes every 1 hour.


The first line of code gets goal roll-up job record and then next line of code is updating time when it should execute.

There you go. I hope this post helps.