Did you know FieldOne Sky (built on the Microsoft Dynamics xRM Platform) provides a classy and straightforward solution that leverages the challenges of today’s field service requirement?

I just decided to know more on FieldOne Sky a few weeks back and found that its capabilities as a Customer Service Management Provider to be much more refined. This blog gives an overview of the capabilities provided by this great software and the benefits it provides to businesses.


FieldOne Sky is a field service management software platform suited to handle midsize to large businesses with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of field technicians. It is beneficial from the moment a request is received and is followed until the service in the field is completed, continuing to provide business intelligence capabilities to gain real-time insight into business performance.

FieldOne Sky mobile

Some of FieldOne Sky Capabilities

1. Scheduling - Once the service request has been captured in the system, the dispatcher uses the FieldOne Sky’s Schedule Board for scheduling a service using various ways like manual scheduling, or using the scheduling assistant or the automated routing scheduling.FieldOne Sky scheduling
2. Using the Sky Mobile App, field agents can get messages via text, email, IVR, etc., to check their Schedule Board.FieldOne Sky_4
3. FieldOne Mobile App can be used by the Field Agent to read about each Work Order, change status to show that the agent has accepted the work order, has scheduled, is traveling to location, or other.FieldOne Sky_5
4. Map feature within the mobile application can be used for obtaining driving directions. The mobile app can be used to add parts or service, add notes, or take pictures.FieldOne Sky_6
5. FieldOne Sky Mobile App can be used to collect payments for the service done.FieldOne Sky_7
6. When the job is completed, field agents can collect a signature from the client, change their status and be ready for the next assignment.FieldOne Sky_8
7. Once on the job site, the field agents can diagnose the issue and determine what is needed to fix the problem (parts/service), Review options, Use pre-configured checklist to check off service steps, Create notes for future reference.FieldOne Sky_9
8. Managers can access multiple pre-built FieldOne Dashboard. They can export data to excel for items that require further analysis and manipulation. Delve deeper into specific information around an area of interest through filtered views, personal views and advanced finds.FieldOne Sky_10

Organizations can take advantage of this solution today, as FieldOne Sky is built to integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Soon, customers will enjoy this functionality as a core part of their solution for Service Management.

Watch out for my next blog on FieldOne Configurations for the Schedule Board and details on the various scheduling options.