One of the new features that Microsoft implemented into Dynamics CRM is the ability to set permission of data at the field level. This is a great feature if you are storing very sensitive data, i.e. social security numbers, bank account numbers or anything else that might be sensitive.

Field security must be configured on the attribute designer form.

Field Security


Once the field security is turned on for the necessary field, you need to create a field security profile to control who can see the data and what permissions they have.

dynamics crm Field Security 2


Once the field security profile has been created, you need to determine if you are going to configure the permissions at a user or team level. You can use both if necessary. For this example, I will configure it at a user level.

dynamics crm Field Security 3


Once you have added the appropriate user/team, you need to configure the field permissions.

dynamics crm Field permissions


You have three permissions that you can control with the field security – read, update, and create. Based on what you select, the data in the field will be controlled by the above permission. If you remove read rights, then the user will see a series of dots similar to when you enter your password into a secure website.

This is extremely easy to configure and can be used in multiple situations. If you use Teams, it becomes extremely easy to maintain because as soon as you add a new user to a team, they get the appropriate field permissions.