Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 comes with numerous innovative features that can benefit customers in business intelligence, analytics, and productivity. Browsing all these features, I noticed an interesting feature that can help organizations track responses on their products. This new feature is called Feedback Entity.

Feedback Entity

Upon creating a new instance for Dynamics CRM 2016, Feedback Entity is disabled by default. So the first step before using the Feedback feature is to enable it as preferred entity.

Enabling Feedback

  • Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.
  • When the solution opens, go to the prefer entity then tick Feedback.

checkbox for feedback


  • Click Publish button.

 Adding Feedback on the Entity

  • Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.
  • When the solution opens, go to the prefer entity (for me, it’s Product).
  • Click the Forms and then double click the Main form of the entity.

main form for entity


  • When the form is open, click on the section you prefer to place the Feedback subgrid.
  • Go to Insert tab, and then click the Sub-Grid ribbon button.

sub grid form


  • Set the properties for Sub – Grid:
    • Name = Name of the Subgrid
    • Label = Label of the Subgrid
    • Records = Only Related Records

set properties


  • Click Set > Save > Publish.
  • You can now add a feedback on a Product record inside the Dynamics CRM.

product record


Adding a Feedback record

  • Go to the entity record you enabled the Feedback feature (for me is Product).
  • Click the plus (+) button on the Feedback subgrid.

feedback regarding1


  • Click the magnifying glass button and then the new button.

new feedback form


  • New Feedback Form will open, and fill out the necessary fields then hit save.
    • Title = Title for the feedback
    • Regarding = Lookup for the regarding record
    • Source = Internal/Portal. If the feedback comes from CRM it is Internal, it is outside CRM it is Portal
    • Comments = Notes for the feedback
    • Rating = The rating equivalent to the feedback, for me I will use number
    • Minimum rating = The least rating of the feedback
    • Maximum rating = The extreme rating of the feedback

new feedback form2


  • The feedback is now added to the Product record

product record


*You can deactivate the feedback record, for me this means that the feedback is now addressed. You can deactivate in two status, Closed and Rejected. After you deactivate the feedback, the Closed by field is automatically populated.

product appearance


Feedback entity will be useful to any client that will use the Dynamics CRM in terms of keeping track of the excellence of their products. Feedback feature is also cooperative to us developers, to feature it on any pre sales that we are undertaking.