I recently spun up a new Dynamics CRM Online trial instance to do some PoC works on my current project. Apparently, the new trial instances are now provisioned using the CRM 2016 Update 1 (8.1). One thing that I noticed when I’m working on the entity customization is this new line:

Entity definition


After a quick search on Microsoft documentation, I found the following guide: Submit feedback or ratings for CRM records.

So, just for testing purposes, I’ve put this on Opportunity entity.

Note: be careful with this settings. As this settings has † symbol on it, this is one of the kinds of settings that once you’ve enabled it, you won’t be able to deactivate this feature.

Then when I navigated to one of my Opportunity record, it showed the Feedback menu:

feedback menu - feedback entity


Now with this entity enabled, we could request internal feedback on the opportunity:

opportunity feedback


Things to notice in here is, the “Normalized Rating” is a calculation based on a calculated field. By default, this is the formula:

set normalized rating


With creative thinking, this new feature will be a great improvement for businesses to deliver a good outcome internally as well as externally.