If you have Dynamics CRM Online, you can take advantage of this feature with the integration with Excel Online.

Find Record GUID Quickly

Navigate to any List view for an entity that you want to view the GUID. (Let’s pick Opportunities.)

list view


Do a Quick Find search for the record on the top right to bring up the desired record.

quick find


On the menu bar, select Export to Excel > Open in Excel Online.

export to excel


Once Excel has loaded with the record, you will see that the first column is ‘D’. Right click on this column and select ‘Unhide Columns’.

find a record excel online


And there you have it. Column A contains the GUID of the record!

column of record guid


You will notice that the first 3 columns appear as:

Column A – Record GUID

Column B – Row checksum (for creating hash indexes)

Column C – Modified On

These 3 hidden columns are used to identify the records for updates through Excel and should not be modified for obvious reasons.

This is a good alternative to opening up the individual record and picking out the GUID from the long url on the form. Codeless as well!