Save time in clicks, to give tasks ticks!


Source: Image from Wikipedia with CC License

I have already written about Saving time in Dynamics CRM Navigation, but I will enlist the points that I have discussed in discrete internal emails to colleagues at times, or in screen sharing sessions.

  1. Saved Password
  2. Browser history
  3. Browser Bookmarks
  4. URL tweaking for quicker navigation
  5. Saved User Views
  6. Special bookmarklets
  7. Setting the browser to open new pop ups in tabs instead of windows
  8. Leaving multiple tabs open
  9. Purpose based use of multiple browsers and tabs
  10. Use of browser profiles to do auto-login

One specific use was when I dug down the ObjectTypeCode list that you can navigate to the below items in a quicker way with bookmark/let(s).

objecttypecode list - email to case automatic conversion
Also, you can store direct links to forms for auto-create record step in convert rule items for read-only purpose. So when you need to check the values only, you don’t have to navigate all the way through the form (…and now click Properties button!)

One of the most time consuming step was to modify these auto create case forms. There are three custom fields on case form which were ‘business required’, and when creating the case, only one of them needed to set default value. Now as it happens with workflows, we usually make them ‘Business recommended’ temporarily and then revert to ‘Business required’ after form changes necessary on workflow are done. The tip #8 above worked, where we open field edit forms, and instead of clicking save and close, you just click save, publish entity customisations, and then make changes on auto-create case form from the convert rule item screen (Create > Case > Properties button). After that’s done, revert the change.

So, how else could we have saved more time in such repetitive steps?