One pronounced feature presented in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is the ability to generate a Word document template. A Word document template is very helpful for when you have a requirement for sending or printing identical document format many times. This feature can maximize your time by letting you set up a base document for exporting data from inside Dynamics CRM and allow you to control if used outside your Dynamics CRM.

Today, I will be guiding you through the basic steps for creating and using a Word document template for Dynamics CRM 2016.

 Creating Word Document Template

In the example below, I will be creating a Word document template from an Account entity record.

Enable Developer tab from Word

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to File > Options.

word file options


  1. Enable developer tab by ticking the check box of Developer from the Customize Ribbon tab, then click OK.

msword developer tab


  1. Developer tab is now available in Microsoft Word.

msword developer tab 2


Creating Word Document Template

  1. First, download a template from the CRM. Go to Sales > Account then click open any record from the Account entity.
  2. Click the ellipsis () on the top menu of the record.
  3. Click Word Templates > Create Word Template.

Microsoft word template


  1. Create template window will open, click Select Entity.

create template from crm data


  1. A window will open that shows all related entity from the Account entity. Choose the desired related entity and then click Download Template.

download template


  1. Open the downloaded Word Template. A blank Word document will be open.
  2. Click on the Developer tab and then click the XML Mapping Pane.

xml mapping pane


  1. On the XML Mapping Pane, Choose the “urn:Microsoft-crm/document-template/account/1/”.

xml mapping pane 2


  1. To insert a field, right click on the desired field on the Mapping Pane then click Insert Content Control > Plain Text.

save as plain text


save as plain text 2


  1. To insert a field, right click on the desired field on the Mapping Pane then click Insert Content Control > Picture.

insert a field


insert a field 2

  1. To insert a repeating record for example related records:
  • Create a table with two rows.
  • Put the label of the column on the first row.

insert a repeating record

  • On the second row, highlight the whole row and then go to XML Mapping pane, right click then Insert Content Control > Repeating.

insert content control

  • Finally put the desired field on the second row.

desired field

  1. A finished template might look like this:

finished template



Uploading back to Dynamics CRM

  1. Go to Main > Settings > Templates > Document Templates.
  2. Click Upload Template.

upload template

  1. Drag the completed template to the upload window.

completed template


  1. Click Upload.

upload template 2


  1. Word document template is now successfully imported to Dynamics CRM.

word template imported to dynamics crm


After successfully uploading back the Word template to the Dynamics CRM, we can now use the template by clicking the ellipsis on the account record and then, click Word Templates and choose the template that we created.

Microsoft word template 2


A word document will be automatically downloaded. This document will show the created template that indicates the corresponding Account record.

Microsoft word template 3


For me, this Word document template feature of Dynamics CRM is similar to its reporting feature, but this is easier to create and manage. Also this is a great approach to create uniform invoices, account summaries, form letters from any Dynamics CRM record.