Taking the backup of the production data and solution is easy and quick with the Copy instance feature. Though introduced in 2015 and not a new feature of 2016, we will quickly touch base on the copy instance feature of Dynamics CRM 2016 in this blog.

Follow steps below to copy an instance:

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Office 365 https://portal.office.com
  2. Log in with your admin credentials.
  3. Click on CRM to launch Dynamics CRM.


  1. Make sure that the right region is selected.


  1. Select the “Production” instance.
  2. Click on the “copy” icon to open the Dynamics CRM copy page.


  1. Select the target instance. Doing so will auto-populate the fields under the general settings and security settings.
  2. Select either “full copy” or “minimal copy”. (Full copy includes data and customizations.  Minimal copy includes only customizations without data.)
  3. Verify the Security Group. If the security group is not specified, all users with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM license will be added to the copied instance. This includes disabled, read-only, and admin users. To set the security group, you must first create a security group or chose from the groups currently listed)
  1. Click the “COPY” button.



Administration Mode

Once the copy process is complete you will see the STATE of the target instance as “ready”.  The copy process usually takes time to complete depending on how much data, custom entities, workflows, etc.

The target instance will be set to administrative access only.  This allows administrators to resolve any issues or disable background operations i.e. workflows, processes, and email notifications, prior to bringing the instance online.



To disable the administration mode, click on the ADMIN as seen above. The CRM Online Administration Center is displayed. Uncheck the checkbox to get out of administration mode and Click Save.



Navigate to the target instance to verify that the copy process has completed successfully.