Where did my carriage returns go?

Recently, during development of a Dynamics CRM 2016 project that was heavily focused around the Dynamics CRM for phones app, we came across a roadblock: text areas do not show carriage returns (new lines).


Figure 1 – Comparison: New lines are omitted in the CRM for phones app (right).


Since the purpose of this particular system was to allow senior spokespeople in the customer’s organization to read aloud pre-written responses, i.e. “key messages”, to commonly asked questions directly from their phones, it was deemed that not having the carriage returns could be confusing, and that a work around was needed.

I followed this issue up with Microsoft to see if there are any plans to change the behavior, which is designed to save screen real-estate, and was told that it was working as intended, but that if enough users request the change it could be included in a future release.

For those of you that have a similar issue, I would recommend suggesting your clients stick with the mobile web experience that currently does display new lines.

web mobile show new lines

Figure 2: The web mobile experience does show new lines.


The solution our customer chose was to sync the “key messages” field to a Note record “on change” via a plugin. This works because the Note entity was able to properly display carriage returns.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or other workarounds, please post them below.