Microsoft adynamics crm gamification - fantasy sales teamcquires FantasySalesTeam – a Sales Gamification Platform

Recently, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Incent Games, the creators of FantasySalesTeam, a sales gamification platform. FantasySalesTeam combines sales competitions with fantasy sports league ideas to aid sales managers generate contests that allow non-salespeople to get engaged, as well as draft teams of salespeople who score points for the team via multiple metrics.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is applying game rules and game model in a non-game scenery. Basically, the purpose for this method is to inspire employees, create vigorous competition among teams, and boost individual confidence through exciting rewards.

Key Advantages of Dynamics CRM Gamification

  • Increases team unity: Team performance is better than individual performance thus this process will help members to communicate more with each other to produce a productive result.
  • Employees tend to step up to the challenge: With the help of rewards and recognition, teams are motivated to be at the top.
  • Competitiveness is sparked in team members: Team members are more motivated to act as one in order to be successful.
  • Easily monitor team performance and sales: Managers can easily determine teams that are not performing well and teams that are performing beyond expectation through reports and statistics.
  • Garner pleased and satisfied customers: Dedication in team members produces worthwhile results to the clients.

On the advantages I listed above, FantasySalesTeam is indeed a good addition to Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM gamification is a good boost to CRM sales capability.

FantasySalesTeam and Dynamics CRM

According to Bob Stutz, Corporate VP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, “FantasySalesTeam represents the best of an entrepreneurial spirit that takes a wholly fresh look at age old challenges and delivers a unique, original and innovative answer. It’s the very embodiment of reinventing productivity and we are happy to welcome them into the fold, to share these great capabilities with our customers and to explore ways to expand this concept to other areas of the business in exciting and creative ways.”

Want to try FantasySalesTeam? Register for their Dynamics CRM Preview and follow the steps for the installation of the preview solution.

There are many features that Microsoft will release in Dynamics 365. We should utilize them accordingly to our demo so that our clients will have a clear look on Dynamics 365 capabilities in the growth and success of their company/business.

Also, for a better look on what FantasySales can do watch this Youtube video, FantasySalesTeam Introduction Video – Microsoft Dynamics.