In this blog, I will be sharing with you guys a tool that I used when supporting a Dynamics CRM solution deployment. This tool is CRM Customization Comparer. It compares two solution files exported from Dynamics CRM and then determines any update (adds and deletes) on the customization side.

Comparing Solutions

First, you need to download the tool at CRM Customization Comparer – 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016. After you finish downloading the tool, extract the file into a clean folder.

  1. Open the extracted folder, then open the CRM Customization Comparison Utility application.
  2. Once open, you will need to browse for the two solutions you want to compare.

open crm customization comparer

  1. For this sample, I will set the older version of solution as Source and the later version as the Target.


  1. Click OK.
  2. A window will open showing the analysis of the two solutions.


  1. Expand the Import Export Xml to show the comparison breakdown of the two solutions.


  1. Colors green, red, and yellow will easily help you to determine if there is change in the two solutions.
    • Yellow means there is an update to that particular component.
    • Green means the component has no change and is untouched.
    • Red means the component is either new or deleted.
  1. Here is the expanded view of the component breakdown.


  1. As you can see, the accountcategorycode field above has a yellow icon, which means that the field is updated. Upon checking it, you will find an additional option set value.


  1. The field new_allanpayment below has the red icon, and upon checking, you will find it has been deleted as this field component is blank on the right window which is the later version.


  1. New Business Rule below also has a red icon, however, it is only available in the right window which means that this component is new.


  1. Overall, here are the components wherein the tool can detect changes: Entities, Roles, Workflows, Field Security Roles, Templates, Entity Maps, Entity Relationships, Organization Settings, Option Sets, and Dashboards.

crm customization comparer


You can also export it to Excel by clicking the button Export To Excel on the top menu.

pic10export-to-excelName the excel file and hit the Save



This tool is very important in our process of checking the solution that will be deployed in a live environment. Even though we get notified of the changes made through release notes or emails, we need to double check the updated solution before deploying it. If there are changes we captured using the tool that are not indicated in the release notes, we will not deploy the updated solution and will give back to the development team or ask if the change we captured is necessary.

Overall, this tool is a great help in maintaining the live environment clean and documented properly.