Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 comes with some useful features. One of the new features is email signature. Previously, when users want to add their own personal signature to the email, they either need to type it manually or use email template as in the following article: http://crmtipoftheday.com/2014/09/18/email-signatures/

Now, with Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1, users could set their email signature from the “gear” icon → Options:

dynamics crm 2016 update 1


From there, one will find a new tab called Email Signatures.

set personal options


Click on the “New” button to create one. Then, create/copy the signature to insert in the editor.

create new email signature

Note: To have images displayed on the signature, the signature should use an HTML-based signature and the images should be hosted on a public domain.

You also could click the Set as Default button to set it as the default signature when you send any email. Now when I create a new email record, it shows the signature automatically:

New email with email signature


Hope this helps!