dynamics crm 2016 icon generatorsGreat looking icons provide a better, more consistent user experience as well as give your CRM customisations a professional look.  This guide aims to provide you with links to a number of great icon resources as well as some tips on how to use them. This should save you time when you are tasked with creating new icons for your custom entities.

Let’s start with the icon generator links:

All three of the above have great free icons, but I find Flat Icons and Iconator are best for generating CRM icons.

In Dynamics CRM, you will need a set of two different sized icons for each entity: 32px and 16px.

In this example, we will be creating a set of icons for our newly created “First Aid” entity. Let’s begin by heading to http://flaticons.net. After arriving at Flat Icons, use the left navigation bar to search for category—in our case, we searched in the “Medical” category. Right away, we are presented with two options:


I liked the look of the icon on the left, so I clicked it and was presented with some customisation options. For Dynamics CRM 2016 implementations, use the following settings to keep things looking consistent:

  1. 32px, 3px padding, background shape: transparent, Icon colour: FFFFFF, then download as a png (button below the ad on the left navigation bar).


  1. 16px, 1px padding, background shape: transparent, Icon colour: C1C1C1



Now that you have created your set of icons, you can either import them manually or use the following guide: Mapping Icons into Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ‘Iconator’.

I hope this blog has been useful. Best of luck and leave any comments or questions below.