Let’s discuss all the new features of Dynamics 365 v9 updates. One of the interesting ones is ‘Multi-select Option set’.

The purpose of this new feature is to select multiple values in the option set. Let’s kick in to play with it.

Go to Settings > Customization > Customizations > Entities > Contact > Fields > New.

Data Type: MultiSelect Option Set

Dynamics 365 v9 Multi-select Option Set

All the other features are the same as any other data type. Even global option set is also possible.

After creation of the field, place it on the form, editable grid and view. Click on Publish All Customizations. Now, let’s see the look and feel.

On the Form


On the View

Few things I notice on this column:

  • Sorting is not available which seems reasonable.
  • Resize of the column using resize selector does not work in Chrome, but works in IE.
  • Filter option is available.


On the Editable Grid

Few things I notice on this column:

  • Group by is not available.