Find out what’s going on with your customer by using the Company News timeline feature for Dynamics 365 on your phone or tablet.

Recently, my client needed quickly seeing the most recent updates about their customers before attending a meeting with them. With Dynamics 365, we have the Company News Timeline solution for phones and tablets that allows you to view news related to an Account, Lead, Contact, or Opportunity in the Dynamics CRM mobile app from Bing news. CRM admin can add this solution for CRM Online. The user needs to install the latest version of the Dynamics CRM mobile client to view the news.

To activate the ‘Company News Timeline,’ you need to install an additional solution. To install the solution, follow the below steps.

Steps to Install the Solution

  1. Sign into with your Office 365 Administrator credentials.
  2. Click Admin.


  1. Click on Dynamics CRM 365.


  1. Select the instance and then Click on Solutions.


  1. Once the install process has been completed, the status will change to Installed.


  1. Admin User can see the installed solution under Settings >Solutions.


  1. Now tap on the Dynamics CRM mobile app and click on accounts. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the CRM mobile client.
  2. Below you can see the ‘My Active Account’ form on the mobile To see the news feed for ABC News Client, click on ‘ABC News’ account.


  1. Navigate to Active News section. The screenshot below shows the active news feed for ‘ABC News’ account.



Company News timeline feature is a simple solution that does not require any social integration. This feature can be used with Out Of The Box Dynamics 365.

Hope this blog would have given good insight on this feature.