At long last, Dynamics 365 has brought us a new and improved Business Process Flow designer. The latest incarnation is quite an improvement from its predecessor.

In this blog, we will discuss the brand new user interface and features of the new BPF designer.

The NEW Designer Interface

In the screenshot below, we can see the different parts of the new designer interface.

new business process flow designer

1. Top Command Bar

Save/Update – Save or update your changes. The Update functionality allows you to update the process without Deactivating and Reactivating the BPF.

Validate – Validate your changes, this feature will highlight the errors which need to be fixed.

2. Details Drop down

Clicking on the Details drop down will allow you to view details and change the Process Name and Description of the BPF.


3. Designer Control Bar

Designer control bar contains the commands to Add, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete components (you can also use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V and Delete key). It also has Snapshot functionality to take a screenshot of your current configuration. You can also use Connector to connect different components in one or more branches.

4. Designer Canvas View Control Bar

This control bar controls the zoom level of the canvas. It has a handy Fit to Canvas functionality to bring everything in view.

5. Process Flow Component

This is the component that you’ve added into the flow. It can be either a Stage or a Condition. Expand to view more details.


6. Mini map

As the name suggests, this map shows you the minified version of the entire flow. Useful to check your work.

7. Global Workflow

This shows the list of global workflows that you’ve added. This feature allows you to run a Workflow based on events for the BPF:

  • Process applied
  • Process reactivated
  • Process abandoned
  • Process completed

8. Components Toolbar

This toolbar shows you the possible components you can add to your flow via drag and drop.

9. Properties Tab

This tab enables you to configure the components you’ve added.



Overall, the new designer interface is pretty slick. I like it a lot, as it has a lot of improvements over the old one as well as nice new features. I love the Update function as I no longer need to deactivate, make my changes and reactivate. I also love the designer function with copy paste and drag and drop functionality.

What do you think of the new designer interface? Leave comments below.