In one recent project, there was a requirement to embed a dynamic image on a ClickDimensions email. We researched on this and found that the only way to have dynamic images is to store the image URL in the Dynamics CRM field and then use this field in the email template.

In this blog, I will describe how we can embed dynamic images on ClickDimensions email.

How to Embed Dynamic Images

  1. Create an email template and select Block Editor as the editor type.



  1. Click on open editor button and select a layout. Right click on one of the boxes and click on Add content.



  1. Select image only option in the next screen and click next.



  1. In the next screen, click on upload and upload a sample image. Make sure that the sample image is of the same height and width of the actual images.



  1. Once you have uploaded the image, click Finish and then click Save. Now go to the template home screen and change the Editor type to Free style.



  1. Save changes and click on open editor. Once the image editor is opened, right click on the image and select image properties.



  1. Delete the contents of the URL field and type in the name of the field from where image URL will be pulled (this is the Dynamics CRM field which stores the image URL). Click on Ok and the image will disappear. However, the image will be replaced in the actual email.





  1. Click Save and return to the home page of the template.
  2. The dynamic image on the email will look like this.



In this blog, we saw how to embed dynamic image on a ClickDimensions email.  I hope this was helpful; please send me your comment.