A few days ago, I was quizzed about the Streams colours in the Interactive Service Hub (the tiny vertical line alongside record details in a stream). And while my previous blog posts cover an Introduction to the Interactive Service Hub and How to create Interactive Dashboards, I hadn’t covered “What the coloured vertical line bars in streams represent”.

If you aren’t familiar with the Interactive Service Hub yet, here are links to the screencasts: Introducing the Interactive Service and How to create Interactive Dashboards.

streams colours - interactive service hub


These colours denote the Status Reason of the record. The default colour codes for the case entity are explained in the table below.

Status Reason


In Progress Blue
On Hold Orange
Research Green
Waiting for Details Yellow



Can these colour codes be modified?

Yes, it is easy enough for a System Administrator or System Customizer to modify the colour codes for a Status Reason.

  • Navigate to CRM > Settings > Customisations.

dynamics crm customizations

  • In the Customisation Window, Expand the Entities > Case > Fields and double click the Status Reason field.

dynamics crm customizations statuscode

  • In the field properties window, individually select a status reason and click Edit.

dynamics crm customizations status reason of case

  • Update the Colour hexadecimal code in the Modify List Value screen and click OK.

dynamics crm customizations modify list value

  • Save and Close the Field Properties Form and then Publish Customisations.


It appears in the current release of the Interactive Service Hub, the Case Entity is the only Entity which has colour codes pre-configured for the multiple status reason options. For all other entities, the default value for the Status Reason options is blue.