In Dynamics CRM, special datatype is available which allows single reference to either an account or a contact record. Customer Data Type is a combination of both Contact and Account Entities, and one can choose either Contact or Account record.

Earlier, these lookups were system provided and were available only for the Opportunity, Case, Quote, Order, and Invoice entities. there was no option for user to create field of this type manually.

With Dynamics CRM 2016 Update, you can define customer lookup attributes on system and custom entities. Customer lookup attributes can be set to either a contact or an account record.

Find below steps to create customer data types. For demonstration purpose, we will create Customer type attribute on custom entity with the name “Booking Source”.

  1. Go to Entities under Customizations.
  2. Click on fields.
  3. Click New Field.

pic1 new field

  1. Provide field name and select Customer

pic2 custumer data type

This datatype adds two relationships to the lookup attribute: one to the Account entity, and the other one to the Contact entity. You will not be able to add relationship to any other entity except for Account and Contact entities for a Customer lookup attribute.

For example, under Booking Source, two new N:1 relationship will get added. Same relationships will be available under Contact and Account entity as 1 to many.

pic3 relationshippic4

  1. Create this field and place it on the Form, then Save and Publish.
  2. Open form to create New record.
  3. Select this field to select either Account or Contact record.

pic5 booking source - customer data type

I hope you find this helpful.