Recently, I came across an issue of missing view from Charts and Dashboards when I customized the view(s) through Customization.xml file.


Show all CustomEntityA (e.g. “Interaction”) records on a CRM user’s Dashboard where there are no related CustomEntityB, e.g. “WrapUp”. (A bit like showing all Accounts with no Activities.)

How to solve missing View

  1. Create a view “Interactions without WrapUp”.
  2. Since, native CRM filters do not allow an outer join to be created with related entities, modify the FetchXML of this view in Customizations.xml file as per the following and re-import the solution.

  1. Interaction entities views
solution interactionsonly

Figure 1: Entity Views


Interactions without WrapUp view in action

Figure 2: Interactions without WrapUp view in action



Even though the view appears in the list of Views for the entity, it is not available for selection in a Chart, Dashboards, or Advanced Find.

Missing view from Advanced Find

Figure 3: Missing View from Advanced Find


View missing from Charts

Figure 4: Missing View from Charts


disappearing view from Dashboard

Figure 5: View missing from Dashboard



After much scrutiny, what I realise was that, when the view is modified through Customizations.xml file, the view stops appearing in the Charts, Dashboards, or Advanced Find.

Interestingly to our advantage, Dynamics CRM fails to hide default public view, i.e. when I set the “Interactions without WrapUp” view as default and published the entity, it started appearing in at least one place – Dashboard

Interactions without WrapUp

Figure 6: Interactions without WrapUp (Set to default)



SavedQuery view

Figure 7: View appeared in the Dashboard


In my view, this seems to be an inconsistent behaviour from CRM’s perspective (unless you can advise otherwise). I’ll raise a support ticket with Microsoft and keep you posted on the progress.