Xperido is a fantastic product that provides easy-to-use document creation – once you’ve managed the installation process.

I was asked to create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online trial instance with an installation of Xperido for a client demonstration in Western Australia. So how does one go about creating a trial of Xperido, and how long does it actually take?

Xperido 1

Creating a Xperido Trial Account

A trial account can be created by the staff at Xperido.

After setting off on my task, I began to encounter a number of hurdles.  You see, the company is headquartered in Belgium, which means a 12 to 24-hour time lag in communication.  My first hurdle was getting my trial site created. Unlike Microsoft Dynamics CRM trial sites, Xperido is required to be setup by Xperido themselves, and this can take up to 48 hours.  My second hurdle came when my trial was created, but the username and password were missing.

After a week of to-ing and fro-ing from Australia to Belgium, I was finally ready to go!

To my surprise, it was fairly easy to use, and even easier for an end-user.  My days of creating pages of training material in completing a mail merge from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Word are gone.

Their instruction manual did not contain instructions for how to set it up in my CRM trial – but the Xperido screens are step by step.  By following the bouncing ball, I was able to set up my data set, create a sample data and attach it to my template.  I was then able to pick up the Xperido manual and create my templates within a day.

Xperido 2

So for all those curious about Xperido, I would say:

  • Be prepared – allow at least a week for the installation process.
  • Double check credentials sent to you as soon as you get them.

Allow enough time for template creation – trial sites are slow to respond, so each time a change is previewed, be prepared to wait a while.